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Welcome To Vernix

Vernix Technologies is an India based company headquartered in Hyderabad that provides customer services. Vernix Technologies is growing rapidly to compete with top multinational company. Vernix Technologies is also a management consulting firm that serves many clients from leading businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, and nonprofit organizations. We help our clients make long lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important goals. We want to make client feel the "De-lite". Vernix Technologies is passionate in doing business and making realizing the growing demand, we quickly mustered as a team of extremely skilled professionals, who helped us blend creativity with technical savvy, followed by an astute sense of business.


Web Design

Web designing is all about creating and adding life to your dreams. We Vernixians are experts in doing this.


Our team is capable of ensuring that the software we develop are inherently flexible.

Logo Designing

A logo defines a brand. Our Vernixians is a mixture of guys with loads of experience and young minds forthe best output.


Now-a-days with the advent of new technologies various screens are available from a large screen to a wrist watch display.

Web Hosting

A Web Hosting Provider means they will provide users all the technologies and services to a website onto internet.


We can make sure that the search engine optimization of your website receives the care and attention it requires.

Out Sourcing

We bring you a complete range of services that can nurture the presence of your business in the world of the internet.

Php Development

We are staffed with a team of experts. Their experience and knowledge of PHP helps us in delivering you the best results.

Our Clients